by: Angela Garcia

        My mom has a home daycare and she watches six kids during the day
and two after school.  With
  Christmas just around the corner, I think it would be a great idea to make
  homemade Christmas decorations for the children to take home.  
     My neighbor across the street which also comes to my mom’s daycare after school is five years old.  The other day she asked if she could help decorate my Christmas tree, because they weren't putting one up at her house.  This really touched my heart and I feel like every child deserves to participate in decorating or other Christmas fun.  Since my neighbor won't get to decorate at home I decided to have an ornament decorating party with all the children at my mom’s daycare.  
     I will be sending out an invitation to all the parents informing them about the project and asking them to send a plain ornament with their child, I will provide the rest of the supplies.  With a little bit of paint and glitter we can come up with many fun Christmas crafts.  For the ornament decorating, we will be using the child’s thumbprint as the face of a reindeer and with a permanent marker we will draw the antlers and the nose. Google eyes can be used or you can draw those in as well and then we can sprinkle the glitter all around the ornament. This will be a very special gift for their parents and the Christmas tree will have its own special touch.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the look on the kids’ faces when they get to decorate their own ornament.  For the children that won't have a Christmas tree, I will be giving them the chance to place their ornaments on my own tree at home.  With this I expect to get them a little more excited for the upcoming holiday.

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