By: Angela Garcia

    With the holidays just around the corner, presents, food, and decorations are just about the only things on our mind.  All these things can be big stressors when in fact should be something to look forward too.  Black Friday is one of my favorite but not so favorite things to do during the holidays. Just the thought of waking up at six in the morning after a huge thanksgiving meal is not so pleasing.  Shopping has always been something I enjoy doing but every year on black Friday there is crazy people and chaos going on everywhere you go.  A few years ago my mom and I decided to be one of those crazy people that wake up at three a.m. to be at the mall waiting in line by four or five in the morning. My worst experience was watching two ladies fighting over a simple tee shirt.  They were arguing back and forth and tugging at the shirt as if they were children.  I think it’s so ugly to be angry and picking fights over the holidays especially over something that is not even worth it.  Most of the time, the sales going on are not even that much of a difference and being out on the road at those ours can never be safe.  Last year we decided to go to the mall at 11 o’clock almost noon, all the early birds had already cleared the mall and it was as if we were there all alone.  There were no lines to check out and even though all the morning specials were already taken down, other specials were still available as well as coupons and other promotions.  My advice for black Friday shoppers is to sleep in a little, relax, and have yummy thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast.  The mall is not going anywhere, and you will be saved from all the chaos happening way too early in the morning to even put up with.  So good luck, enjoy, and happy holidays.

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