by: Angela Garcia

    Decorating for the holidays can be very exciting and something to look forward to, especially for women.  As the holidays get closer we all start to take out boxes and boxes of
decorations from the attic.  For many of us we have to go out and buy new decorations for all the festivities.  Many of us put lights around the house, yard decorations, and most importantly the one and only Christmas tree.  Decorating for Christmas usually starts to creep up on us right around Halloween, which is way too early to start thinking about all the Christmas chaos.  
     I think decorating for the holidays can be very stressful because many of us have other expenses like traveling and buying gifts.  Sometimes there isn’t even enough time to get around to decorating and before you know it all the fun is already over.  I have a few ideas that can ease the stress for Christmas decorating that could really help out, especially for families with kids. My favorite thing to decorate during the holidays is the Christmas tree, it can be very fun for the kids and you can put your ideas together with other family members.

    Young children love to paint and color so decorating ornaments for the Christmas tree would be a great idea.  I think the best time to start decorating the ornaments would be right after a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner.  For me this would be the best time because that is when all the family is together.  Kids tend to get bored so doing this would keep them entertained for a couple of hours. It would also be great for the parents to have this quality time with their children.  Doing this over the holidays would be very inexpensive and something that could bring the family together.  Pinteresthas so many ideas with plenty of easy crafts to do over the holidays.  Most of the supplies can be found at the local Wal-Mart, dollar tree, or hobby lobby. Good luck to all of you and happy holidays.

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