by Angela Garcia

    Camping is one of my favorite hobbies along with being outdoors. I have enjoyed my share of parks but I really enjoy going to Mathis State Park.  This State Park is a great place to enjoy both camping and being outdoors, plus it is close to home which makes it an advantage.  Lake Corpus Christi is the actual name of the park which was opened in 1934.  The park is a 356 acre park located in three different counties, San Patricio, Jim Wells and Live Oak.  Lake Corpus Christi was leased out by the City of Corpus Christi until 2032.  The name “Lake” Corpus Christi is because the majority of the park consists of a 21,000 acre lake that was created by damning the Nueces River.  
    Lake Corpus Christi is a great place to go out to relax and have a good time.  It would be a great place for our organization B.A.K.E to host something at the park or just recommend it to other organizations having to do with children. The park is pet friendly and the perfect place to have family reunions or any other parties.  With an extremely large lake, the park allows boats, jet skis, and any other fun water activities to be held at any time throughout the year, if the weather allows it.  Families spend their summers enjoying the refreshing water by water surfing in large tubes that get pulled by boats, or racing their jet skis across the lake.  Fishing is another great way to enjoy the water at Lake Corpus Christi.  If you don’t have a boat, not a problem, the State Park has a pier going out into the lake that allows young children to experience their first catch or any fisherman looking for a good time.

    With proper planning, Lake Corpus Christi can be the home for summer camps filled with many activities for young children. There are many camp activities that can be done while camping and Lake Corpus Christi is a great place to do these activities.  Javelinas, deer, and rabbits are the most common animals found on the park and over 300 species of birds have been seen around the park.  There are many things parents can do here with their children and very few can say they’ve left disappointed.  Hiking and biking are 2 of my favorite things to do at Lake Corpus Christi because to me they are the most adventurous.  With all levels of trails, Lake Corpus Christi makes it a fun safe place to exercise while having fun and seeing beautiful scenery at the same time.   Children can bring their bikes and ride along with there parents.  I've been bike riding a few times and my favorite place to ride would be on the road because it's a smooth ride but you still get a good workout with all the hills.  For the ones that want a more adventurous ride, they can go into the wooded area and bike through some rough terrain and bushy trails.  There are a few hills on the park and occasionally you may run into a cave or two.  Many visitors go to the park to stay overnight and having lodging, campsites, and RV sections all around the park makes it that much harder to leave.  There is a limited amount of shelters so it is good to reserve a spot with at least one to two months in advance.  The shelters only provide a roof over your head and electricity; bathrooms are walking distance and are shared by the whole park so shower shoes would be recommended as well as body soap and shampoo.  At night, you can make a small fire and making s’mores would be a great activity for children to experience.
    I live about 45 minutes away from the park and my family usually buys year round passes to go at any time we want.   It is a fun relaxing place to go to whenever you’re feeling stressed and need a mini vacation.  I have been many times and I recommend for people around the area to go and experience living outdoors for a day or two.  It would be a great way to teach children how to survive without material things and have fun while doing it.

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My name is Selena Rodriguez, I’m from Raymondville Texas and am a student at Texas A&M studying to be a speech pathologist. I am the graphic designer for Camo and Casting Outdoor Updates Organization. What drew me to this essay was that it was about state park. When I was younger, my family and I went to Garner State park and I experienced some of these fun and exciting activities that people enjoy at Mathis State Park. I love the outdoors and was glad to read this blog and learn about a new place to visit sometime.


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