by: Dalia Guerra

    Holiday Blues is something almost everyone goes through during the holiday season and we don’t look forward to the planning and preparation for meals, shopping, traveling, making sure everything is in place up to the last detail.  We don’t have to dread the holidays if we are prepared for it.   I have learned every year different ways on how to simplify and lower the stress during the holidays when it comes to the meal planning and preparation.  First and foremost, family is the most important thing during the holidays and being with family makes the holidays more special so it doesn’t matter what you eat.  The second thing I learned is to buy the groceries in advance, about 3 weeks for nonperishable foods.  You will avoid long lines at the checkout and will not run into the problem of the store being out of stock.  The last thing I learned about the holidays is to prepare dishes ahead of time so that there is not a time crunch on trying to get everything done at the same time.  Desserts can usually be prepared the day before.  You can make side dishes ahead of time, maybe a day before too, and put them in the fridge until you are ready to bake them.   I will host my second Thanksgiving dinner this year and have decided to do a dinner and not a lunch.  This will help lessen the stress of having everything ready by noon.   The holiday blues can make us forget about the important things during the holiday.  Family is what really matters so don’t stress about getting the perfect gift for a 2 year old, or if the center piece on the table matches the table cloth.  Holidays shouldn’t be stressful.  Eat, laugh, and love this holiday season.

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