By Maira Salinas

  Having the family over is already the first step to enjoy the holidays. In my family my relatives come either the day or hours before the celebration begins. It’s stressful enough to have family coming over but the bigger stress happens when you’re entertaining. The hours before eating what do you do? The older adults will be happily talking and gossiping about the latest stories of their lives, but the kids? Kids are full of energy and are bored quickly so coming up with some ideas to keep their adrenaline controlled is to come up with activities. Here are a couple of ways I like to entertain mine.

Chair hopping: It’s a game where you have two teams of five or more with the same amount of chairs. The teams will be parallel to each other with a wide space in between. The team goal is to be quicker at beating the other team in a race. The game starts with the person in the front getting up and running around their team, once they ran a lap, they find their seat and the next person in line will repeat the action. It’s better if you play this game with wide open spaces. Now with adult supervision, have music playing and start racing!

Coloring station: This is something fit for the smaller children. I can be beneficial for the parents as well to show them the different colors and patterns they can draw. I know in my family, it’s a tradition to have all the children younger than twelve to draw what they want for Christmas and put it in our large stocking. It can also be a fun memory to frame or keep as the children grow up. I know I always laugh when I see my old drawings. Sometimes the adults even make it a competition who can make the best Christmas tree or turkey for a chance to break the wishbone!

  Activities and games are the best option to entertain the family while they’re waiting on the holiday feast. Whether if you play football, basketball, have fun with your family. It’s important to socialize with everyone including younger siblings. 

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