by Maira Salinas

    In the state of boredom, what do you do? I personally go online to get inspired to be creative. I go to my favorite website Martha Stewart to get her daily recipes, crafts of the day, and so much more! Some of her ideas are inspired by people who go on her show and present them. It’s not only her imagination; she counts on other people to inspire her. It’s so simple to create something beautiful but essentially important to the growth of knowledge.
    I have to admit early on that I love food! I enjoy making everything from scratch to learning new recipes. Martha Stewart has an amazing idea to invite chefs onto her show and give her their recipes! I’ve watched so many tasty pastas, breakfast crepes, and thanksgiving turkey recipes that I’ve probably gained weight just watching her show because everything looks so scrumptious. The best part about these delicious recipes is that they’re online after her show. So not only do you get to see them making the food, you have the convenience making it for dinner.

    Once in the summer, I was babysitting my little three year old cousin Nadiezda and she wasn’t having a good day. I had the option to either paint her nails or bake cupcakes, yet this Nadiezda wanted hamburger cupcakes and that totally freaked me out because I’ve never seen that before. So I had to see if Martha Stewart had an idea about creating burger cupcakes. Not only did she have it on her website, she had a video and the recipe to enjoy making it. Nadiezda and I were so happy to make it together that she wants me to do it for her birthday every year.
    One of my favorite categories is about crafting; from scrapbooking to “Martha’s Top Craft Tips” it’s my place to go for creativity. I enjoy how there’s always a new ‘Do It Yourself’ project from making your last season purse to falls latest trend. For example, I tend to buy a lot of pretty earrings and I tend to lose a pair every six months so instead of throwing them away, I made a wooden frame with all my loose jewelry. It just came from one day watching her show and making a special gift for mother’s day. I learned to use a hammer, cascade paint on a frame, and spray lots of glitter for presents. I adore all the personal gift ideas and making crafts that are perfect to complement your any occasion.
    I have to say other than enjoying how to get inspiration from cooking to crafting, I like to entertain my family and friends when it comes to the holidays. Martha Stewart has this crazy idea to make an “Eye Popping Soup”. Don’t be scared of this soup because it’s just tomato soup and mozzarella balls stuffed with olives. It’s a great idea to serve at a Halloween party or just on Halloween night with the family. Other than entertaining the guest with scary food, you can try decorating. This entertainment tab also has options for invitations, baby shower ideas, and more.
    Martha Stewart online and talk show is a useful source to get ideas and share creativity. I find it to be my favorite website that has everything I need to have a fun night in with my family to making my jewelry to a special gift. It’s a fun website that many children will enjoy and be motivated to learn new ideas. It helps children understand that there are endless possibilities to express themselves through cooking to making an artwork.

Laura Valdes
10/22/2012 12:54:04 pm

Hello, my name is Laura currently a CSDO major at TAMUK. I went over your article and found very creative things to make food in a fun way. Martha Stewart is awesome with her recipes. I don't have children, but I do have a niece who loves cupcakes; I'm sure she would go crazy with the hamburger cupcakes. I really enjoyed your article, it was very entertaining.

10/24/2012 12:33:00 am

Hello, my name is Virginia Diaz de Leon. I too am really into cooking, baking, and DIY crafts. I was drawn to your organization because of that. I was drawn to your blog specifically, because of the pictures of food. The hamburger cupcakes look so fun-maybe a great July 4th idea! I have never been on Martha Stewart’s website and I really like it. I am going to check it out during mundane times, just like you do. You informed me that there are recipes as well as videos! I made my first full Thanksgiving meal last year and I watched the turkey youtube video at least thirty times prior to even buying the turkey. Needless to say, I rely on videos. It was a really great read!

Cydnee Edwards
10/24/2012 12:33:58 am

Hi my name is Cydnee, and I am a Vet major at TAMUK. I love the way that you find all these different ways to make food creative and fun.Martha Stewart is one of the best when it comes down to creativity with food. I was drawn to your blog by the title. Then, once I saw hamburger cupcakes; I was hooked. I love to take different ideas that people comeup with and add my own twist to it. It is way cooler than just trying to get the recipe right. Your blog showed me some new beautiful ideas that I can try to put my own twist on for when I go home to visit my siblings. You should really look at what Martha Stewart is doing for Halloween. I think that you will be amazed.


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