Maira Salinas

   Throughout this holiday break it's always fun playing around with our family and friends. Instead playing with your family online or on game consoles, playing outside will be very beneficial to their health and cognitive thinking skills.
    My cousins are all about activities outdoors, even the girls! We all are very competitive with each other and like to challenge each other from time to time. Some of our favorite games comes from sports and made up games we played as children. The games we created are something we will remember being children and pass them on to other family and friends. Our games are fun and appropriate for every occasion so here's some of my favorite games. 
       Game Plan:
  • Batty Bowling- Find a number of cans or odd items that can stand up straight. From used cans, bottles, and dolls can be used as bowling pins. Line them up and let the bowler knock them over with round ball (volleyball, basketball, or even golf balls to make it harder).
  • Blind Snake- Set up a number of sprinklers in the yard, in between the starting and finishing line. Have the kids run without getting wet. Have one person controlling the sprinklers, were they will be randomly turning it on or off. The winners will the the children who didn't get too wet and played for the longest. 
  • Drag the Body- This is a game for older children. Divide the group into two teams and give each team a blanket. Have one player from each team lie down on the blanket. The teams must drag the body on the blanket from one end of the yard to the other. Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner.
  • Cross Step- Draw a ten by ten grid on the sidewalk or patio with chalk. Have each player stand on a different square. One at a time, each player must move to a new square after crossing out the square he or she was formerly standing in. The trick is that the players cannot move to the new square he or she is out. The last one hopping is the winner. 
  • Freeze Dance- This is a game for everyone. The more people the better! Have someone control the music and when the music stops, freeze because you might lose. The last one dancing will be awarded Freeze Dance Champion!

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